WsecurIT is a cybersecurity and technology consulting company specializing in incident response and applied research for businesses that handle sensitive information.

Our goal – cybersecurity risk management as a service to assist businesses in becoming more aware of and improving their cybersecurity posture.

A fresh perspective: Selecting the best cybersecurity solutions necessitates knowledge and experience. It is recommended that outsourced security assessment functions (such as audits) be used to provide a fresh view on the current system. All of the solutions we use are centered on the interests of our clients and partners, and are carefully adapted to their business requirements while following to security standards.

Our skills: our cybersecurity experts can examine web, mobile and desktop apps, as well as cloud environment and applications, networks, IoT devices, and production management equipment for any organization. Regardless or organizational development, the services provided are appropriate for all businesses.

Our security experts can assist in developing and implementing security investment strategies, performing health checks and risk assessments, delivering advanced security engineering and architecture projects, conducting offensive security testing of systems and applications, and providing full incident response and compromise assessment.

What we do: WSecurIT takes a methodical approach to data security. We assess current cybersecurity situation and consult on the creation of an information security management system. We also conduct an asset inventory to identify the essential assets that must be safeguarded, as well as make recommendations for enhancements to present system design and components.

With the support of experienced professionals, you can keep your data safe.

WeSecurIT assesses your company’s overall security posture. We look at six security capabilities: prevention, detection, response, governance, security foundations and threat intelligence. This assessment gives you a high-level picture of how equipped your business is to deal with the dangers it may face, as well as detailed recommendations for people, processes and technology changes that can help you fix any security gaps.

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