Definio is a software platform that allows its users to procure, control, redefine and secure their digital footprint & data.

Definio is dedicated to providing its users with the most up-to-date privacy engineering services. Our platform maximizes data value and offers data-driven insights that fuel the security growth of users’ sensitive data.

Today, the internet is advancing fast, and that is why more than ever we believe that privacy should:

— be respected
— be protected
— be enforced on time

Today, the world is moving to more data. Your online presence may have a long-term influence on your reputation, relationships, and job prospects (both positive and negative). Understanding how this works is a critical first step toward leaving a positive impression.





Definio is:

— Entirely transparent
— Returning ownership
— Redefining value
— Building means of privacy

Most industries & individuals fail to prioritize data privacy until it has already been compromised, and then try to solve the problem with point solutions. Our platform helps Definio users to mitigate the risks and ward off privacy-invasive events before they occur.

Today’s Internet

Your data can be:

— duplicated
— out-of-date
— distributed over the internet
— subject to hacking
— leaked
— posted without your knowledge or consent

Only a minimal quantity of data is considered sensitive since it can be used to identify a person. However, we aim to change our thinking to acknowledge that any user data is unique and requires attention and protection.

It’s your data on the internet, so you should decide what to do with it. Draw a line between what data you want to share, and what digital footprints you would like to keep in total control.

Definio Solution

— we map your digital footprint
— we help you secure your data
— the rest is up to you


Tackle small pieces of the problem (small coverage) Various data points, large coverage
Collect user data No logs collected
Automated services only Automated & dedicated human personnel for services
Not fully transparent Total transparency
Either B2B or B2C Platform is designed for global scale, both industries (B2B) and single users (B2C)
Continuous 360° Coverage of Sensitive Data

Definio offers:

— better privacy
— better security
— control
— convenience

Our mission is to build for a world, where privacy is put back into users’ hands.
We envision a world in which enterprises & individuals move toward technology that respects, protects and enforces the dignity of user data.


Modestas Markevičius

Eimantas Rebždys
Cybersecurity Analyst

Tomas Vežbavičius
Head of Sales

Kęstutis Švarlys
Business Developer

Erika Sirvydaitė

Vaidas Bakanas
Graphic & UI/UX Designer

Vytautas Labanauskas

Evaldas Ūsas

Lukas Krikštaponis

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